Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for Sunday service?

There is no “dress code” at Agathos. Many people participate on Sundays in jeans. Others like to dress up, even wear a suit. Because there is such a variety of style of dress within the body, you will likely feel “at home” and comfortable wearing something that you normally wear.

What should I expect a Sunday service to be like?

Fun! Sunday service is a highlight of the week for many members of Agathos. When you arrive, you will be greeted by many friendly faces and have the opportunity to grab a coffee and/or a bagel with cream cheese. As you wait for service to start and chat with some other members, you will find that we have an informal atmosphere—sort of a family feel. We start service at 11:30 with worship. Worship is led by a band and is focused on blessing God with our praise and worship and entering His Presence. After worship, we take a few minutes to greet each other and then share some announcements. Following church announcements, a member of our teaching team shares a powerful message from The Word of God. At the end of service, prayer is available for anyone with a need and many people hang around for 30 minutes or more after service simply to talk and socialize.

How long is service?

We start at 11:30am and we try to wrap up between 1:00 and 1:15pm. Many people stay after service to receive prayer or socialize with others.

What do you believe?

We believe the Bible. We believe God is perfectly good. We believe in the new covenant of grace that is provided for by the blood of Christ. We believe in the Holy Spirit who carried out our rebirth at salvation and is available to baptize us in power. We believe in our calling to not only be personally reconciled to God via salvation but also to be transformed through renewing our minds according to the Word. We believe we owe the world an encounter with Jesus—through sharing the gospel in both word and deed.

What sort of people come to Agathos? Will I fit in?

The members of Agathos span the gamut in terms of age, life experiences, nationalities, and backgrounds. One more common characteristic of members of Agathos is a genuine desire to seek God and His Will for their lives, in order to experience all that He has for them and for others through them!

How do I become a member?

Scripturally, an individual’s level of commitment to a local body of believers is self-determined. Those wanting to commit to Agathos as their home church usually choose to give of their time, talents, and resources to help support the ministry and the church family as a whole. We will be offering a short series of classes and materials for those interested in committing to Agathos as their church home. These classes will be relational in nature and will also provide a summary of several teachings that we consider to be the most important and most valuable truths that we have previously brought to current members.