God is really awesome and people are too. We are made in his image - fearfully and wonderfully made. Each person is a gift from God and we love spending time together. In the world relationships can be strained, but in Christ Jesus relationships are restored. God is a God of relationship and He wants to know us. He also made us to connect with one another! Everything in life is sweeter in good company. Therefore we are proactive in getting to know each other and in spending life together. We do this through church picnics, random BBQs at each other's homes, small groups, movie nights at the church, and just about anything that anyone wants to come up with that will bring us together for fun and fellowship. This is also an excellent way for new comers to jump in and get to know some beautiful people within this community, and for us to get to know you.

Women of Agathos

We have an awesome group of women who gather on a monthly basis and have a great time studying the Word, and enjoying food and prayer. There are several mature godly women both young and older than young who are ready to embrace any and all newcomers, so please jump in at anytime.

Worship Nights

Join us for a night of prayer, worship, ministry, healing. The Third Friday of each month (7-9:30 pm) Come wait upon the Lord, seek His face, listen for His voice. Experience His Love, His presence. We will join in prayer in ONE ACCORD. Prayer, Worship, Ministry, Healing.
Invite a friend or family member. Public Welcome. There is child care, so you can fully engage in prayer and worship if you desire. Children are always welcome in the sanctuary, too. The childcare is available if you choose!  
We also often celebrate baptisms during this time! (NOTE: Baptisms must be scheduled with Pastor Peter at least one week ahead of time