"As a man thinks in his heart so is he." Prov. 23:7. Therefore it is imperative to receive good instruction in the Word so that we may have our hearts transformed to think like God thinks. The Bible tells us, "be not conformed to this world, but be transformed!" It then tells us how; "by the renewing of our minds." Rom 12:2. Our job is to get the Word in us, and then the Word will do the work. But this happens only when we understand it correctly! That is why the Lord gave us gifted and anointed teachers in the body of Christ; To effectively sow His Word into us. Though the world throws it’s problems at us, the Word of God teaches us how to face each and every situation of life and to do so victoriously and with Joy. The Lord did not say that we just have to put up with the problems in the world. He said that "We are to be more than conquerors through Him who loved us!" Rom. 8:37 As we hear the Word through anointed teaching, it comes alive inside of us and begins the transformation process. Hallelujah! Good teaching brings life! Good teaching will set you free! Come sit under the teaching at Agathos, and you can be assured to see more victory and more joy in every aspect of your life!

Testimony: Head Knowledge vs. Heart Knowledge

- Don Clay

The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

This message includes:

  • "The answer is yes"
  • The Key of Knowledge
  • We are the fragrence of Christ
  • Ministry is written on OUR hearts
  • Enter in Yourself
  • The word became flesh
  • Labor of Agape
  • Solving Ministry Hypocrisy, Insecurity, and Indebetedness


- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

This message starts a new series and includes:

  • The Key of Knowledge
  • 2 Types of Knowledge - Scripturally
  • New Covenant Relationship with God
  • Revelation vs. Theology
  • Softness of Heart

Increase & Influence

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

This message includes the following sections:

  • Melancholy no More!
  • How to not Engage in Melancholy with People who’ve Got it
  • The Blessing of the Lord
  • Opportunity Aversion
  • Promotion is Simply a Change of Platform
  • Humility EXPANDS
  • Humility is the Pathway to Spiritual Authority
  • Rejoice that your Names are Written in Heaven!
  • Influence and Increase
  • No Longer Hidden … but No Need to be Known

The Blessing of the Lord

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

Note: the message starts at about 37:20 into the recording. The first section is a special announcement about a new main service location starting in September and updated logo / branding for the church!

In this message, you will hear / read:

  • Promotion Tests
  • Breaking the condemnation-entitlement cycle
  • Learn to not think beyond what is written
  • The blessing of the Lord makes rich

God's Mechanism of Promotion

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

Humility is most tested in the place of success. Condemnation and entitlement are 2 sides of pride. God wants us to be equipped for the positive side of the number line. Walking well in success requires a different level of humility. 

Humility is dependency and dependency is undergirded by knowing the love of God. It is a revelation of righteousness in Christ that leads to a confidence in the covenant of peace. Peace with God causes us to enter His presence with confidence and in His presence is fullness of joy. 
We can choose humility. When we choose humility, we are positioned (by humility) for promotion, right relationships, and revelation.
Humility / dependency is the essence of childlikeness and the kingdom of God belongs to the child-like. 
In the greater place of victory is the greater opportunity for pride to manifest in a more damaging context - which is entitlement. Condemnation sometimes will lead you to God (sometimes). Entitlement will always lead you away from Him.
How do you walk very well upon the high places? Very low. Very low. Very low. Very low. Very low.
Some people are in the dirt and they say “I don’t have a choice between low and standing up.” But when you are on the mountain top you can stand up, but God’s saying “if you’ll choose to be very low that’s where you’ll get to go.”
We choose to be low.

Shepherding the Heart of Worship

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

PLEASE READ THE WRITTEN SUMMARY for the entire sermon. Due to a power surge / outage in the middle of the sermon, the first 2/3rds of the audio recording was lost. The written summary captures most of what was shared over the whole sermon, whereas the audio is only the final 1/3rd of the message.

In this written message, you'll read:

  • A tesimony about teeth straigthening through prayer
  • A testimony about being liberated by the gospel of grace
  • "The Tesimony of ONE"
  • Overcoming through the Word of our Testimony
  • A prophetic backdrop to this series on humility
  • "We have come to Mt. Zion"
  • Shepherding the Heart of Worhsip

A Personal Invitation

- Renee Roeckelein
Audio Written Summary

This message is so simple; don’t let it deceive you. 
This message is also very individual. It’s not just “an invitation” but it is a “personal invitation.” 

Humility is nothing more than this: today total dependence on God. Jesus modeled it perfectly (Jn. 5:19). Moses started out operating independently but learned to trust God with his whole heart. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Leaning on our own understanding is the flesh. It’s pride; it’s independence from God. 
But our Father is not asking us to operate independently. In fact, He just wants you to invite Him in.  He just wants more humility. He just wants more dependence.   For what He wants to do here in our body - this is what the kairos time is right now. He just wants you to invite Him in.
“Lord, we invite You in.”

Resurrection Sunday

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

The only terms you can come to God on are His terms -  which is Him giving love to you. It’s so counter-intuitive. We think we’ve got to do something for God but He’s saying “let Me do for you.”

Communion has Luke 15 written in it.  The body was everything physical that was broken in Jesus that we could receive all of that - including healing. His body was broken for us that we could receive healing. “All that I have is your’s.”  His blood was shed for us - that we could be in a new covenant, by His blood, a covenant of peace which He will never remove from us! "Son, you're always with Me."
Jesus didn’t count equality with God something to be grasped because He trusted the love of (and therefore the Word of) His Father. Jesus had seen so many miracles, but now (in Lk. 23:32-27) it’s a miracle of humility to not perform a miracle but to instead trust the word of His Father who said “I will not let My Holy One see corruption.”
Isaac went up the hill carrying wood for a sacrificial fire trusting that his father’s word was true. His father’s (Abraham’s) word to him was “God will provide a lamb / ram.” God’s word to Jesus was “the Lamb will rise again!” 
Your circumstances may say one thing, but HE SAID that by the breaking of His body - by His stripes - you were healed! Receive your healing in Jesus’ Name!
There is also a new covenant in His blood. No it’s not based on my works, it’s based on HIS finished work on the Cross! You can receive all the benefits of God not questioning whether you deserve them, but instead relying on Him Who’s Righteousness you’ve relied upon!

Our Father's Terms of Connection

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

Message includes the following:

  • Conflict is not bad!
  • "He just wants you to invite Him in"
  • The connection between grace and humility
  • What does pride look like?
  • Quiet Time Breakthrough
  • What's the Heart of the Father in Addressing Pride?

Financial/Career Breakthrough, Freedom from Condemnation



- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary
Humility is the freedom that comes when pride goes. Many beleivers are afraid of the prospect of discovering pride in their lives but actually 1 John 2:15-16 makes it clear that to find a place of pride is simply to find a place where the love of the Father wants to rush in. 
You can’t see transformation of the hardest places of your life until you are in the safety of true love. Breakthrough comes from that place. It’s perfect LOVE that casts out fear.
“What if everything is OK right now?” The Spirit of adoption causes us to cry out to our Father knowing we will be met by love in our place of greatest need.
This is how you step into humility. Humility is the freedom that comes when pride goes. Or, humility is the freedom that comes when the love of the Father rushes in.

The Flesh Profits Nothing

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

Jesus said "It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing.” (Jn. 6:63) Focusing on your performance, your strength, your might, your ability, what you’ve done, and your obedience - profits nothing! Setting your mind on your flesh will not produce righteousness before God because by works of the law NO flesh will be justified. (Rom. 3:20) Similarly, setting your mind on your obedience will not even produce true righteous living because it is actually through walking by the Spirit - setting your mind on His performance, His obedience, and what He has accomplished on our behalf - that we will not gratify the desires of the flesh. (Gal. 5:16) We cannot please God apart from faith (Heb. 11:6) and those who walk by the flesh cannot please God (Rom. 8:8). Said plainly, those who are in the flesh cannot walk in faith! Focusing on the flesh simply sabotages faith. Just as Jesus said "It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing.”

Bold Faith!

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

Righteousness leads to faith and releases boldness! The goal of this message is to take the listener or reader from insecurity —> confidence and/or from confidence —> BOLD faith! Boldness (bold faith) is not something we put on, but instead it comes from taking something off. Boldness is the manifestation of NO condemnation! So what’s the solution to condemnation? Listen to this message and hear for yourself!