Cultivating Growth by Staying in your Lane

- Bryan Mangerchine
Audio Blog Post

If we are not seeing fruit in our lives we have to look at our inputs - because input equals output. The Lord gave us very clear instructions on the inputs that lead to fruitful output. In Mark 4, Jesus says some of the seed falls in the wayside.  The wayside is Satan stealing the Word. Satan steals the Word by contradicting the Word or lying to us - by giving us different thoughts that are in opposition to the Word.  Jesus also warned about having a heart of rocky soil. If our hearts have rocky soil, we are going to hear the Word, we are going to be like, “yes I believe it! That is what I'm talking about, God is good!” And then we are going to go do very little with it.  You will not cultivate it and the result will be that trouble or persecution will cause it to wither away in your life. Jesus continued by warning about thorny soil. Thorny soil equals a lack of prioritization. Our prioritization of the Word has to outpace all of our other priorities if we want to see big fruit. Good soil on our hearts produces fruit - every time guaranteed.  And, so, if we are not producing fruit we can go back and look at what is it? 

- Do I have the Word coming into my heart? 
- Am I listening to the lies of the enemy? 
- Am I not really going after it and acting on the Word? 
- And, then, is it top priority for me or not?
For those of you who want measurably more without fail, seek the Word, make it a priority above all else.  Diligently cultivate, and out of a place of rest expect the harvest that is to come. Your fruitfulness is already provided for; it is just a matter of you living out this process in order for him to bring the sickle for you. You will get to your destination if you stay in your lane, keep your foot on the gas pedal, and don't get distracted.