Divine Healing

Part 1: Introduction

- Brad Ettore
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When we look in the Bible, we see Jesus healing the sick. We read that and it gives us hope. Hope that God still desires to heal today. But, what we see around us doesn’t seem to support that idea. So the questions begin in our minds. “Am I misunderstanding what I’m reading or seeing in the Bible regarding healing?” In this teaching, the intent is to address and cover these issues. Here are two statements that will serve as the border for the rest of the teaching:
  1. It is God's will today (and will be forever) to heal spirit, soul, and bodily and to heal every single person without exception. In other words, it is God’s will to heal ALL who are sick WITHOUT EXCEPTION.
  2. Whenever someone is not healed, the issue (roadblock, hindrance) is ALWAYS on the part of man—never on the part of God.
Divine healing is real, it for God’s people, it’s alive and well today, and it is up to us to understand it, receive it, and then walk in it.  It is not up to God. He’s already made up His mind. He gave it to us, and it is not only for us. It is also a ministry to minister to other people. We just need to understand it, receive it, and then walk in it.  Amen!

Part 2: Understanding the Relationship between Sin and Sickness

- Brad Ettore
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It is God’s will to heal everyone without exception and immediately. If you or I pray for someone and healing does not take place, the issue is always on the part of man – without exception. Healing is real. It is for today and we are seeing it happen at Agathos right now. Each believer is as capable of healing as any other, and God has commissioned all believers to pray for the sick.

It is imperative to know that God's will is to heal everyone all of the time or you will not reach any successful level in the area of healing. Jesus bore on the cross the things that God doesn’t want on you! According to Isaiah 53, Jesus “has borne our sicknesses and carried our diseases!” God doesn’t want sickness and disease on people because Jesus already bore it! When Jesus took care of the sin, He took care of the sickness. Sickness is the result of sin. In Luke 5:23-24, Jesus even demonstrates that he could forgive sin by healing sickness! Jesus instructively connected sin and sickness for us in that story. Sin is the source of all sickness - all of it!  
Not only is it God’s will to forgive you,He already has! And as a result, not only is it His will to heal you, He already has! Your healing is already done, that’s why 1 Pe. 2:24 says, “by His stripes you were healed.” Were – past tense. It is finished. Your healing is already done! This is why it is not even a question about God’s will to heal -- any more than it’s a question about God’s will to forgive! He’s already done it. Faith is what activates what God has already done. What does it take to get saved? Faith is what appropriates what Jesus did. Faith in His forgiveness causes the new birth. Faith in the fact that He’s already healed you causes the healing to take place. Amen!

Part 3: Jesus Perfectly Demonstrated God's Will for Healing

- Brad Ettore
Audio Written Summary Blog Post

Jesus demonstrated the will of God perfectly. Jesus’ works are the Father’s works. He came to show us the Father. So, let’s look at how Jesus revealed the will of the Father as it relates to healing. In Mathew 9:35. we read that Jesus healed every sickness and every disease among the people. Does that say to you that the Father might heal some people and not heal others? Of course not! The reason Jesus healed every single person in all the cities that He went to was because it must clearly be the will of the Father to heal every sickness and every disease! Sickness is a curse. God is not using sickness to teach you anything. God is not doing anything other than healing sickness! 

Sickness can be demonic in its source, but not always of course. In Mathew 12:22 we read “Then one was brought to Him who was demon-possessed, blind and mute; and He healed him, so that the blind and mute man both spoke and saw.” Jesus healed this man of blindness and muteness by casting the devil out. Likewise, God has given believers the authority over all the power of the enemy!
Healing wasn’t just for Jesus to minister. In Matthew 10, Jesus sends out the twelve apostles to heal the sick, cleanse lepers, raise the dead, and cast out demons. And it wasn’t just the apostles! In Luke 10 Jesus sends out 70 others to heal the sick. Likewise in John 14:12 Jesus says those who believes in Him will do what He did and beyond. Finally in Mark 16:14-18 Jesus said “And these signs will follow those who believe.”  He said those signs will follow those who believe!
Some believers say “doesn’t the Word teach that we are to suffer for the sake of the gospel?” It sure does! But if you look at it and allow Scripture to interpret itself, the Greek word for suffering is used 65 times to mean “suffering” and only one time does it refer to sickness and in that case Jesus said it is a demon causing the suffering not God, and He cast him out. Sickness is not of God. The bible is very clear in the New Testament: when it is talking about suffering it is referring to trials, tribulation and persecution - never sickness, not even poverty. Those are considered a curse and God doesn’t put curses on His children. Difficulty, however, is not a curse. God will use situations to develop character in us.
Some will ask about Paul’s “thorn in the flesh.” When we read these Old Testament verses we see that Paul was using Old Testament language in describing his “thorn in the flesh”.  In Joshua 23:12-13, Numbers 33:55, and Judges 2:1-3 “thorns in sides” refers to people who harass you. Paul mentioned his thorn in the flesh in 2 Corinthians 12:7. Paul was describing people who were harassing him in every town he went into. (2 Cor. 11) What Paul is saying is that satan was stirring up people to attack him everywhere he went. This was not a matter of God trying to keep him from being prideful; it was the devil keeping him from being exalted by buffeting him, and he called it a thorn in his side. 
How can we just know for certain that healing is the will of God? If you just need a couple of scriptures, look at Isaiah 53:4-6, where you can see very clearly that sin and sickness were paid for on the Cross. And then if you think that healing for sickness referred to in Isaiah 53 wasn’t real physical healing (that perhaps it was just spiritual healing), thank God we've got Mathew 8:17-18. In Matthew 8, Jesus casts out demons and He heals all the sick that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah in Isaiah 53. There is also 1Peter 2:24 which says, “Who bore our sins on his own body on the tree that we having died the sin might live for righteousness by whose stripes you were healed.” God paid the price for you and I to be physically healed and walking in health our whole life. 
Finally, someone might say well then how are you supposed to die? Psalms tells you how. He takes away your breath. That’s how we’re supposed to go. When it’s time to go, He takes away your breath. Nowhere in Scripture can you find that you are supposed to die of cancer or diabetes or some other sickness. You are supposed to die well, healthy, and strong! And then you say “Lord, my work is done, I am out of here.” And He will say “OK, come be with Me!” And you check out nice and peacefully in the middle of your sleep.