Kenton Kauffman

Descipling and being discipled

- Kenton Kauffman

In this church in the park "talk" Kenton shares about a simple discipleship ministry that he set up at a missionary high school / middle school when he was a senior in high school. Nearly 20 years later that ministry is still thriving! Discipleship is about humility. It is about being willing to learn from others. Humility is the precurosor to grace. God wants to pour His grace out upon your life in greater measure. Every believier can both disciple and be discipled. We all need mentors, peers, and those we are mentoring.

Audio Blog Post

Our walk with God is a relationship. His relational invitation is always there. We can press in and choose to come before Him and into His presence! The presence of God is the source of everything – THE foundation to build on top of! Solomon asked for wisdom from God, but David asked for God Himself. God speaks to us through dreams. When we have a dream from the Lord we should stop, write it down, ponder it, and ask “Father, what are you trying to say to me?” We have the ability to receive and interpret dreams if we pay attention to them! In Acts 3:18-21 we see that God is restoring ALL things in Christ in this time. Looking at the prophetic declarations in the Old Testament about the Final Restoration of all things in Christ helps us see what God is doing in this hour!