The Believer's Authority

The Reality of the Demonic Realm & Our Authority Over It

- Brad Ettore
Audio Blog Post

We have been given, by God, through Jesus Christ, all authority over all the demonic realm. It does not matter if you are the least of all Christians on the earth, you still have just as much power over the demonic realm as any other Christian on the earth. God gave all the authority over the demonic realm to the Body of Christ. The problem is, most don't know that they have the authority and they allow the devil and his cohorts to intimidate them in many areas of their life. If we simply knew the truth about what's going on in the spirit realm - and who has the authority - all of our fear would go away! We will realize "oh, you mean I'm boss? I'm the one that's in control?" That's what this series is about - our spiritual authority in Christ.