About Us

Agathos is a non-denominational Christian Church in Columbus, Ohio where the Bible comes alive! You will learn how much God loves you and how to be a life changer by effectively sharing that knowledge with others. The word Agathos is a Greek word that means "goodness".

God's Goodness

God is love, and as we receive from Him, we experience that He has nothing but goodness for us!  


Experiencing His Goodness leads to renewing our thinking which transforms our lives. 


A transformed life ministers wherever it goes. The world around you is awaiting the revealing of Christ in you. 

One church.
Meets in two ways.

Agathos has combined the main church service with house churches to encourage participation, build relationships and strengthen the unity of the body.

Main Church

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday - 10:00 am

Main church is a great opportunity to be a part of corporate worship and to hear scriptural teaching from gifted teachers of the Word.  After service, our welcome team will help you find a house church for the following Sunday. 

House Church

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday - 10:00 am

House churches  are a wonderful opportunity for everyone to participate in the teaching discussion, share a meal together, and enjoy overall rich fellowship in a smaller more intimate setting. 

Where are we meeting next?

Most Recent Message

 As we hear the Word through anointed teaching, it comes alive inside of us and begins the transformation process!
Good teaching brings life and will set you free!