You have received an INHERITANCE!
September 16th, 2020
By Peter DeWitt | "And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in  glory by Christ Jesus." (Phil. 4:19)God’s supply is according to (Greek: kata) His riches. Kata has the  sent...  Read More
Our Income Increased by 84% in 12 Months!
September 1st, 2020
By Peter DeWitt Some years ago we needed a house. Our oldest son, Peter, was about 1 and we were soon to have another (Andrew) on the way ... and we lived in a 600 or so sq. ft. one-bedroom apartment...  Read More
WORRY is entertaining GOSSIP against God's goodness!
August 25th, 2020
By Peter DeWitt | In Philippians 4, Paul said "Not that I speak in regard to need ..."We must be careful where our thoughts originate from. If I am in prayer and filled with hope and out of that...  Read More
The Lord Rebuked the Devourer over our Car Trouble!
August 18th, 2020
By Andy Davis | As I was driving to and from work in our Toyota Corolla I began to notice over multiple days a sound coming from what seemed like the front passenger side suspension. I thought “...  Read More
"What are people going to think of me?" - Finding Validation from the Father
August 12th, 2020
By Peter DeWitt | When I was 10 years old I stood in front of a mirror and I said “why don’t people like me?” It was a real vulnerable spot for a little 10 year old kid’s heart. “Why don’t people...  Read More
How Forgiveness Lead me to my Miracle
July 23rd, 2020
By Amber MocarskiAfter being married for five years, my husband Ryan and I decided we would really like to start our family. I grew up with a congenital heart condition so there was a lot of fear rega...  Read More
I’m not Trying to Arrive … I’m Trying to Abide!
July 9th, 2020
By Peter DeWitt | If you think you’ve arrived, you’re right. Pride comes before a fall and often “I’ve attained __________” is the starting point of pride. It usually requires thinking I “am alrea...  Read More
Back to Basics: Forgiving one Another
June 23rd, 2020
By Peter DeWitt | Love not only operates in the present, but also in the past and the future. Toward the past: "love covers over a multitude of sins." Toward the future: "love hopes all things. The...  Read More
Back to Basics: Magnifying the Lord
June 22nd, 2020
By Peter DeWitt | One of the best things I've ever been taught is to be thankful that I got saved every single day. I'm thankful that I woke up saved again today! I've coupled that disposition with...  Read More
Get Back to Basics
June 20th, 2020
By Peter DeWitt | When I played baseball as a youth I had received sound instruction in hitting. What was interesting is that I could hit well for a time and then later find myself in what we called...  Read More
Making Specific Requests of a Loving Father
May 30th, 2020
Sometimes it can be hard to imagine what it is we want, but we can ask God as specifically as we know...and He will help us know more clearly what we are going for. Specificity is actually an evidence...  Read More
Is the Old Better?
May 3rd, 2020
We are living in unprecedented times. That’s not to say we are currently in a more difficult or less difficult situation than previous generations have faced, but we are in a unique time. This is unpr...  Read More