I'm Hearing God's Voice!

Testimony by Kate Finley
A few weeks ago on Sunday, Peter shared a sermon about God speaking to us individually and having a heart that says 'yes' to what God says. I had this thought when he was speaking that felt a little uncomfortable and bold.

I was thinking, "why doesn't God speak to me as much as he's speaking to Peter?" Especially as I know that the word says we are able to connect to the Lord directly.

I thought "I want God to speak to me." So I started, in that moment, to have an expectation and it sprung up in me that God would speak to me all the time.

I could feel some faith rise up in me about it.

Throughout the following week, God started revealing me that he was already speaking to me all of the time!

I remembered that a few days prior I had had a thought come to my mind that my personal relationships could be connected to my intimacy with God, as if they were parallel. If the friendships were shallow then it was an indication of where I was at in my spiritual relationship with God.

That night I listened to a sermon about a different topic and then the speaker started sharing about how human relationships reflect what is spiritually going on. It's not an outward issue, but an inward issue, typically something spiritually we need to change. This was a confirmation for me that I had received what God was pointing out to me.

The next day I had another simple thought "I just need to eat the word and I'll hear from him, that's what I'll do." That thought just sprung up in me. The next morning I noticed the daily verse from the Bible Gateway app was Matthew 4:4: It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

This whole past week God keeps showing me things and then confirming them with the word and confirming them with other people.

My parents came to visit spontaneously for a few days. A week had gone by and my mom didn't know any of this was going on and that I had started noticing the Lord speaking to me and confirming the thoughts he was giving me. I was starting to realize that I was learning to discern the voice of the Lord in my head as not being my own thoughts.

My mom and I were doing a puzzle and she says to me "You know, God is speaking to you" she said, "you have a prophetic gift, and God is speaking to you like in the story of Samuel. Samuel had been hearing from God but he didn't realize it."

The next day my mom and I were walking together, and there was an issue with the street we were on, I had a split second thought to say "don't trip." It was really quick and I thought "I don't need to say anything to my mom."

And then suddenly she tripped and she completely fell! Praise God that she only had bruises and stiffness, but I was thinking, oh my goodness the Holy Spirit told me to say "don't trip" and I didn't do it!

Later that week Daniel and I had a conversation with my parents about creating a personal finance program or educational system for employees. We were getting really excited about it. Then one of my team members messaged me and said, "Hey, what if we did some sort of educational system where we helped out our team and it could be an employee benefit?" Wow - we had just been talking about that!

 It's exciting how the Lord has been revealing that he has been speaking. Some may seem small and some bigger, but I have been practicing discernment of his thoughts from my own. I started by having expectations through faith and then I took action by being in the word and by saying yes to what he was saying. So I'm seeing these connections throughout my day. And I'm practicing listening and just doing my best to act when I see opportunities.

I wanted to share that to encourage you that hearing God's voice is available to you too and I hope it will stir up some faith right now, a little excitement or some hunger to go after it. Claim it in your heart and then speak it out and be alert and listening because God's going to do the same thing for you!
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