Our 3 year old's miracle healing!

Testimony by Kristina Maccaughey

Our little 3 year old daughter, Ivy, had a severe case of salmonella this past summer.

After a couple of Urgent Care visits we ended up in the ER and she was at Children's Hospital for seven days. We took her to the hospital because she was in severe pain. If you're a parent and you see your child in pain and you can't help them, it's very upsetting. She had to have an IV to her heart and we had to administer daily medications to her every eight hours.

When I had taken Ivy to the emergency room I was the only parent allowed in the emergency room because of the COVID restrictions. Ivy at this point was extremely lethargic. If you know her you’ll know she's usually bright, spunky, energetic, but lying there in the ER she was malaise. That was the word that my husband used to describe her.

My parents had taken care of our other three kids while Ivy was in the hospital. It was a Sunday so they had brought the kids to Agathos Church and we hadn't officially started coming to Agathos as a family yet, but we visited because a lot of you are like family to us.

As soon as she was admitted to the hospital, my husband Aaron, thank you Jesus, was allowed to come and be with me. At this point we had pretty much been holding Ivy for 24 hours and she hadn't been responsive, she only made a sound when she was getting poked by nurses.
We're sitting there at around one o'clock in the afternoon.

All of a sudden she sits up and she just starts talking! 

Both Aaron and I both just looked at each other, shocked and we looked at Ivy and Ivy looked at us. She smiles and starts talking, it was just so completely out of the blue.

We both said to each other “Our Ivy’s back!”

 She had a long path to go after that, but we could just see the essence of Ivy was back!

Later that day I was talking to my mom and she shared with me how she brought the kids to church. Well, my eldest son, Oliver, went up and asked Peter during the service if the church would pray for his little sister. And so Oliver prayed and Peter prayed and all of the church prayed for Ivy. And at that moment was the moment Ivy suddenly woke up! It was a miracle!

We are so grateful for the church praying for her and I am praising God publicly that he used my son and your prayers to bring our baby back. And she's here and happy and  strong so we praise God for that!