How hungry are you?

By Joe Mandeville

When you go to a feast, if you're not hungry you're going to be really picky about what you eat. If you come to a feast and you're hungry, it's like, "Oh my goodness, I can try all of these different things!”

You’re going to try the things that you know that you like and you're even going to try some things that you're not sure if you like because you're hungry. However, if you come and you're not hungry, it's like, "Oh, I'll just take the cherry thing because I really like cherry stuff." That's it; you don't try anything new.  

I feel like the other part of this word is the Lord is the one that set up the feast.
Does anybody here have dietary restrictions? In our family, that is something that we live with, constantly. We have this insane list of all these things that we can't eat.  

However, if my wife and I set up a feast for our kids, what do the kids know? They know that everything on the table is approved!

So, the Father is setting the feast and everything on the table is approved, and so you want a taste of everything. You don't want to just taste what you think you want, you want a taste of everything.  

Sometimes we come hungry and sometimes we come not hungry. We might actually make decisions based on doctrine because of what we want to eat. “This is what I believe and because of that, this is what I want to eat out of what's been said, out of what the Lord is bringing.”

Let me encourage you that when it's the Lord that's setting the feast and it seems inconsistent with what you already believe, trust He who is putting it before you. If the Lord is putting it before you and you have wrong thoughts that have you not wanting to accept it, it's your wrong thought that needs to go, not the food that's before you.

I am not suggesting that Peter (Agathos' lead pastor) has everything for us. I think Peter would agree that his vision is to bring you to the Lord. It's not you eating from him. It's him bringing you to the Lord. So, if the Lord is feeding you, eat it. Forget about what you think you know, eat it.
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