Their Backs Were Healed! #unmuteyourtestimony

Testimony by Peter DeWitt:
My family was visiting some friends on a vacation this summer and all of us had woken up early (because we were still on east-coast time). I looked in the bathroom and saw we might need more toilet paper but I didn't know which cabinet they kept it in. I didn't want to wake our friends at this early hour and needed to make a trip to the grocery anyway, so off I went to the grocery store in town.

On the way, I got a bit lost so I ended up at a different grocery store than expected. After finding the toilet paper, I made it to the bread isle for sandwiches for the picnic we had planned for that afternoon. As I walked into the isle there were a few ladies working stocking the shelves and I overheard what seemed to be them talking about some sort of health ailment. I felt to listen in so I picked out my bread slowly. Sure enough one of them was sharing about how she was having bad back pain.

I interrupted them "excuse me, does your back hurt?" She explained how it had been hurting her and she was not able to sleep, etc. I said something like "well, I'm a Christian and often when I pray for people they are healed instantly. Would you like me to pray for you?" (And that is the truth, it has happened often, praise God! I look forward to the day when I can say MOST of the time. Jesus could have said ALL the time. But praise God, it used to be NONE of the time for me ... but now it is OFTEN!)

I normally will lay my hands on someone when I pray for them, however, since she was a lady I didn't know, I thought it best to ask her friend to lay her hand on her as we prayed. I also did this because I believed this lady would be healed and that would really encourage faith in her friend. So I asked her friend / co-worker "have you every prayed for anyone to be healed before?" Now I really expected her to say "no" which would be no problem, but she actually said "I prayed for my cat once and it was healed." I said "that'll work!"

Before we prayed the lady who had seen her cat healed before said "wait, my back hurts too. Can we pray for me as well?" I said "Sure, we'll pray for both of you!"
As soon as we started praying the second lady starts dancing and trying out her back. She proclaimed it was all better! Then I asked the first lady if she would be willing to try her back out ... sure enough it was all better! She was so incredibly thankful.

She said the pain had been so bad she had cried out to God for help. I said "He sent me."

She indicated how this had literally changed her day and made her so happy. They said "you have a gift." I said "this has nothing to do with a gift. My only gift in praying for healing is that I have ZERO confidence my ability to see anyone healed ... but instead place my confidence in His ability to heal!" One of them said "we'll have to remember that we can pray to God and ask Him to heal someone next time someone is sick!" That was my favorite part of the whole thing ... the transference of faith to them!

Later that week a pastor asked me to share that testimony at church. Upon sharing it I understand that 3 people were healed of back pain ... all without prayer ... simply by hearing the testimony of what Jesus had done!

Jesus' body was broken for your healing. If you have a need in your bones, back, or anywhere else, you too can receive healing now!

Stories of a big God from a small church.

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