Does God supply all of our needs even when water was pouring into our basement?

 Testimony By Erin Rollins

Philippians 4 says God shall supply all your needs according to His riches, right?

So two weeks ago we had water in our basement. We were trying to figure out where it was coming from, and we realized that it was the main water line heading into our house! Turned off the valve, nothing happened, water was still coming into our basement. We're thinking, "Oh, that doesn't seem good."

I have been on furlough since March, so I've been on unemployment that whole time. For those who are on unemployment, the stimulus had just terminated at the beginning of August. So I was now officially only making half of what I normally make, and then the water problem started.

First I'm freaking out, then I stopped myself and thought, "No, Lord, you’ve got this. You're going to figure it out."

 We called in a couple of plumbers. The first one comes in and says, "Oh, this is major, I can’t estimate this, we’re definitely going to have to dig. I have to send in another guy to do the estimate.”  I'm thinking, "Oh dear God, this is going to be in the tens of thousands of dollars, I just can feel it."

Then, the second plumber comes in, and he says, "I fix this problem all the time, we can do it without too much digging,” and he quotes a price much lower than what I had feared.  Then, I sit down at my computer, and I'm filling out unemployment, and there's this new box.  “Check here for the new stimulus." I'm thinking, "New stimulus? I didn't hear about a new stimulus."

I look it up, and low and behold, Governor DeWine had decided to ask for a grant from the federal government … everyone who's on unemployment is getting back paid from August, all the way through the end of September. The money I would receive as a result would be the same amount as the cost of the plumbing job.

The Lord provided!

God shall supply all of your needs according to His riches.

Isn't that awesome?
'According to', kata, in the Greek, means that it stems forth from His riches. That alone is really encouraging.

Think about this. It's like, "Hey, where do you have that financial supply coming from in your life?" "I'm on tap from heaven." That's pretty good, isn't it?  

But then, in addition to it, I think kata also means according to - since it's heaven's supply, it's according to heaven's supply. 

There's an old story, I don't know if I've shared this with you before, it's a brilliant story. I think it was Alexander the Great was going down the road in his royal coach, and there was a beggar alongside of the road, and Alexander the Great flipped him, as the story goes, a gold coin. His attendants said, "Why did you flip that beggar a gold coin? Surely copper would have been sufficient for him."

They thought a copper coin would've been a big breakthrough for the beggar. Yet Alexander the Great replied, "The copper coin would have been appropriate for the beggar, but it would not have been appropriate for me.”

So when God says that He'll supply all your needs according to His riches, do you understand that there's certain ways that you might think that He should supply you that just are not appropriate for God?

He wants to provide exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think!

Second section by Peter DeWitt
Father, thank you that you promised to provide all my needs according to heavens supply!
As your children, we know and receive your fatherly love and provision, no matter what happens. I trust that you provide exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to your power at work in us.