WORRY is entertaining GOSSIP against God's goodness!

By Peter DeWitt

In Philippians 4, Paul said "Not that I speak in regard to need ..."

We must be careful where our thoughts originate from. If I am in prayer and filled with hope and out of that abundance of hope a thought comes about my career, that is probably a very different line of thought than a line of thought that originates from thinking about a large bill I have to pay and a concern about an upcoming contract negotiation process.

Both lines of thought could lead me to think about my career, but one line of thought was brought about “in regard to need” whereas the other line of thought was brought about from the leading of Holy Spirit.

While it would be amazing to never entertain thoughts “in regard to need” that is a place many of us are not at yet …however, we can all engage in thought capture.

When we have lines of thought that we realize are originating out of fear, not faith, we can say “hey, wait a minute, I am not going to tend this line of thought any further.”

We can also all decide not to SPEAK out of that place. While it would be great to give no thought to worry, we can still do wonders in our life by at least not speaking out of the place of worry! Jesus instructed us in Matthew 6 “Therefore do not worry, SAYING, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’

Worry that’s SPOKEN begins to direct our hearts and determines what we seek.

Paul was careful to not speak “in regard to need.” I would encourage you that worry in your heart doesn't always need to come out of your mouth! Jesus taught us that faith speaks. Worry wants to speak too.

I feel to say that many of us have "worry partners." These are people we "process with." While we all need a chance to process at times, I would encourage you to assess ... when you talk with someone and share some things you're worried about, do you end up in a place of faith declaring the Word of God over your life or that situation by the end of the conversation? If not, could that person become a "faith partner" instead of a "worry partner?" If you are realizing you are someone's "worry partner" could you become a loving "faith partner?"

From God's end, His goodness and mercy are literally tracking us down all the days of our lives (see Ps. 23). If I meditate with others on my lack and need, I'm actually slandering the goodness of God behind His back. WORRY is actually entertaining GOSSIP against God's goodness. So, next time you get lost in worry, stop that line of thought, try not to speak out of that place, and invite His goodness and mercy track you down!

He wants to supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.