Our Income Increased by 84% in 12 Months!

By Peter DeWitt

Some years ago we needed a house. Our oldest son, Peter, was about 1 and we were soon to have another (Andrew) on the way ... and we lived in a 600 or so sq. ft. one-bedroom apartment.

We were out on a date and Megan so lovingly said "we don't make enough money to own a home." She was so honoring of how I had been providing for the family - but the point was clear. Instead of being offended I chose to PRESS INTO the conversation.

I had a faith for some reason ... "let's think about how much we would really need to make in order to own a home comfortably ..."

We wrote down some figures: how much would we like to be able to give charitably each month? How much would we need for mortgage and updates / repairs? Food? Clothes? Cars? Trips? etc?

The number was 183% of our current salary. I said "how about we ask God for our income to be that much within the next 12 months?" We prayed simply but locked-into the belief He would answer our request "Father, I ask for our income to be $____________ (183% of our current) within the next 12 months."

Within the next few months I received a number of raises / promotions / opportunities but to be honest I forgot about the prayer we prayed and we continued to live in our one-bedroom apartment.

Then, the following fall I was waiting for a contract to come back for a small side-job. To be honest, I thought "this side job may be more hassle than it's worth." It seemed like "just another thing" and it would be easier to keep my schedule freer. Because of that I sort of prayed a "sigh" to God and said "oh I hope they offer me at least 2x what I think they will."

Shortly thereafter the contract offer came back ... it was 2x what I had asked God ... 4x what I had figured! THEN I had a thought! When did we pray for an 83% increase in income? I looked through my journal and it was almost exactly 12 months previous!

THEN THEN THEN I thought ... wait, what's our income going to be now? I added everything up. I remember the desk I was sitting at ... with that better-than-expected side contract, our new income was going to be ... 84% more than 12 months before!

Now watch this ... we asked God for 83% increase in 12 months! Crazy, right?
BUT God exceeded our expectations even ... with 84% increase in 12 months!

The following summer we were able to buy our first home. GOD LOVES YOU. He knows what you need before you ask. But it DELIGHTS HIM when you ask!

I've been thinking about this:

It's time to UNMUTE YOUR TESTIMONY! In John 9 the man who was born blind could now see. He said this "One thing I know; that though I was blind, now I see." And now his testimony still rings out every time Amazing Grace is sung!

So many of us struggle to share testimony because we don't realize it only needs to contain ONE THING ... what Jesus HAS DONE!

For me, my family needed more money for a home and God nearly doubled our income in one year to make it happen! That's just ONE THING that has showed me how much He loves me.
What's your "ONE THING I know?"

UNMUTE your testimony!